Blogging — What to do with Inappropratiate Comments?

I use Google blogger.  It’s not the best blogging tool, but it’s simple enough and gets the job done.  This weekend — excitement, excitement — I got my first comment on my anime and manga blog.  Unfortunately, it was from some snot of a kid (or so I’m guessing from the poor spelling and the general non-mastery of the English language) who left a crudely worded review of an anime series I reviewed and then proceeded to tell me to get another job because I didn’t know what good anime was.  I was crushed!  This kid’s comment was so poorly worded, spelled, and hostile (I guess I poo-pooed his sacred cow) that I couldn’t publish his comment.  Sigh … what’s an adult to do?  He had valid points in his review that I couldn’t deny.  Well … I ended up editing his comment and posting it that way.  I felt kind weird about doing that since it was somebody elses opinion, but I really couldn’t have my blog littered profanity and personal attacks.  Was this an okay thing to do?  Is there some blogging etiquette I should be aware of with regards to inappropriate comments?

By the way, “Kiba” is great for 13-year kids who are just starting to get angsty, but I’m 33 and the degree of my angst is well beyond that of a teenager (I’ve been been this way since the day I was born and I have the 4-month baby picture to prove it — it only builds from disappointment to disappointment …), so of course I thought it was bad … sigh … there’s better anime that has appeal for most age ranges.  “Kiba” is not one of them.  If you want angsty teens check out “Evangelion” or any gundam anime series that tries to take itself seriously.