Acer Introduces 6-Speaker Home Theatre Laptop

The current Acer sounds like it’s a wise reconstitution of E-Machines, Gateway, and Acer.  At CES I saw a lot of work on design and making their laptops look like they fit into a lifestyle from Acer.  Acer is also known for having low prices.  I would hate to be blind-sided by these guys while we focus on struggling Dell … Hmm

As for the laptop itself … well, without more details on the specs, I can’t say much.  I know that it takes quite a bit of horsepower to smoothly generate true 1080-line video.  I’m also skeptical of the sound quality out of something as small as a laptop.  Is six speakers over two or three ( 2 + mini “subwoofer”) going to make a difference that customers can hear or this this merely to have the 5.1 speaker box spec.  There’s also the matter of battery life and heat generation.  There is a teaser of an image of some sort of specialized contol on the side of the machine in the picture below.  I’m curious about that.  I wonder if they have some Acer movie specific software to enhance the movie watching experience.  Hmmmmmm … let’s noodle on that a bit.

Here’s a link to the article.


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