Advertisers Bewildered in the Digital Age

Here’s an interesting article from Ad Age that summarizes the bewilderment of advertisers as digital media rises.  Most of the frustration seems to come from how to quantify the effectiveness of an advertising campaign because the traditional methods of measure no longer apply to digital mediums.  And if they can’t figure out how to measure the effectivenss of advertising, then how can the service of advertising be valued (in other words, who gets the money and how much money do they get?).  It’s a tough problem and this smells of “revolution” to me.  Just what things will become, though, is unclear because the Internet and digital methods of distribution and consumption are vast and fragmented.  Well, um, good luck with that guys  …  May I suggest letting go of the past and immersing yourselves in the digital trends as a first step?

Here’s a link to the article

4A’s Media: How Do We Measure Up?

Annual Confab Raised Questions About Digital That Many Media Owners and Agencies Are Far From Answering

Published: March 10, 2008


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