Tivo Unleashed

TiVo has finally won its lawsuit over the cable providers who infringed upon its DVR patents.  With this over, TiVo is poised to be the only DVR in town … well not necessarily.  Why do I say this?  Because over the air, cable, and satellite are not the only means that entertainment is conveyed anymore.  What if there was software that harvested entertainment from the Internet and made it possible to watch that content on TV?  It’s possible and the parts already exist out there waiting for some one to integrate them.  Whatever company figures this out, will in essence “Drink TiVo’s milkshake”  (if you haven’t see “There will be Blood” you must.  Then you’ll understand the milkshake reference.)  For now, though, enjoy this article on TiVo and think about the milky sweet goodness we could drain away from them before they ever get started.

How TiVo won

Once viewed as a pariah of the media industry, TiVo’s ease of use and aggressive defense of patents have made it the only game in town.

By John Simons, writer



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