Emotional Video Games in the Future?

Obviously this guy has not played Final Fantasy or any of the Sims Games.  I was bawling at the end of Final Fantasy X and I was terribly upset when one of my Sim families was killed by a stove fire — it was awful!

Anyhow, be entertained by Gore Verbinski’s incoherent rambling.  Given the Pirates’ movies, I don’t think he has the skill (yet) to pull off something emotional.  Regardless of his skill, he does have a point because games with strong story elements, character development, and deep emotional investment have very broad appeal, not only to the male core demographic, but also to females and folks over 35.

Here’s a link to the article

Gore Verbinski, director of the blockbuster Pirates movie trilogy, recently talked a bit about his own ambitions in the game space. He said he’s particularly interested in exploring emotional responses to games.

Posted by James Brightman on Monday, March 10, 2008


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