“Gemini Division” — NBC’s Experiment in Brand Driven Entertainment

It’s very interesting watching how marketing has been aggressively reclaiming television. What’s funny to me is the whole back-to-the-future aspect of this. Brand integration into programming was quite deep in the early days of radio and television, and then a decoupling happened only to start back up with a vengeance in the past few years. Continue reading “Gemini Division” — NBC’s Experiment in Brand Driven Entertainment

Spore to be Licensed for TV and Movies

Can you name any film or TV show based on a video game that has been worth watching? I can’t. Regardless, media companies keep trying. Enter Spore … I can’t really imagine how this would work short of a reality show in which clips from different people’s games are shown as a string of short films. Whatever …, the reason video games don’t make good TV shows and movies is because viewers can actively engage in the entertainment — it’s all cut-scene, which sucks! Duh??? Here’s a link to the story.

Extreme Gamers are “Extreme”

Here’s an interesting nugget from CNET about how extreme, “extreme gamers” are. What amazed me is that extreme gamers spend an average of 45-hrs/week gaming and buy 24-games/ 3 months … and then I thought about my own recent gaming. Yes, recently, my gamer side re-emerged with a vengence. Here’s a list of the top of my head of the games I’ve played in the last 3-months: Continue reading Extreme Gamers are “Extreme”