My Mouse Died

I think I clicked too much with it.  Is that even possible? Anyhow, I move it around and nothing much happens.  I’ve changed the battery and I’ve experimented with may surfaces without success.  The laser-eye doesn’t appear to be obstructed.  My tethered mouse works just fine, but I’m multi-taking.  I have my gaming computer on which I game, watch anime, read manga, blog, draw, and in general have fun on.  Then I have my little laptop on which I do my job hunting and monitor e-mail.  Of course my tethered mouse is attached to my gaming machine.  Well, I guess I’m going out to get a mouse today.  Oh, the excitement.  Fry’s takes AMEX now.  Yippee!!!

Speaking of mice, I got a hamster.  She’s a funny little thing.  She super energetic and climbs all over her cage.  Gravity has no meaning to her so she leaps incredible heights — spinning through the air like a little acrobat — or a suicidal nut job.  She very scared of us and when we first got her, she’d screamed (yes, hamsters can scream) put her little paws up to protect her face (looking quite human, it’s a little freaky), and peed in the hand of whoever picked her up.  Her name is Melinda (my husband named her), but most of time we call her “pissy.”  She hasn’t screamed in a while, but she defends herself to the bitter end before getting picked up.  We’ve been trying to get her used to petting, but her reaction is so close to that of a frightened little human (I’ll have to film it because she seriously looks like a little person trapped in a hamster costume.  My husband says that I’ve been reincarnated as a hamster in the same time as my human self.  Hmmm … that’s an interesting idea …) that it makes me feel bad and so I just feed her corn and pumpkin seeds through the bars of her cage.  I feel sorry for her because she can’t get a decent day’s sleep with me around listening the radio or my iPod through the radio loudly and I carry out my day in front of my computers.


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