Warhammer Online — I Like It

The DOW fell nearly 800-points today, but who cares when there’s Warhammer Online. I played Warhammer online for a good part of last weekend and I like it.  Mr. Kuroneko003 says Warhammer is more like Diablo than WoW and that why I like it.  Yep!  This game is based on instant gratification in all ways.  So far I’ve made an elf sword master that I play with my husband (his character is fire mage) and a human witch hunter that I play by myself — kinda.  You really can’t play Warhammer Online by yourself.  There are many missions in the game that are very difficult to do without a party.  I don’t know what WoW is like in this respect, but it’s very easy to form parties with nearby characters to come together for a common goal.   I enjoy this very much and I marvel at how well people cooperate without having any personal contact.

There’s an active chat system and e-mail system within the game.  I find chatting difficult to do within the action of the game, but it helps when you spontaneously join the party so members can converse about the party’s goal.  E-mail is handy for sending items and to give little “passdowns” about previous gameplay.  I really wish that there was a better way to interact with game other than the keyboard and mouse.  I feel like the necessary keystrokes are not convenient for my fingers.  You can customize the UI.  I haven’t tried it yet.  I think, though, that the problem is the keystrokes because there are too many.  I feel like I need an extra hand to press keys.

So if you are out there playing Warhammer Online my characters are “Giyosephina” (Human) and “Aeronna” (Elf) and I’m on the “Drifting Castle” server .  Look out for me and join up with me in battle.  I’m pretty bad, but I’m tenacious and I will do my best help allies out.  I really like playing the Witchhunter character because she dual wields a gun and a sword.  What could be better?  I’m much better with that character than the Elf.

Playing with my husband … well, those are stories I will save to tell the rest of this week.  Hahaha!  Gaming imitates life, you could say.


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