Flash Assignment #2: Swamp Tour

This time I used photographs in my Flash animation. The file is kinda big (18MB for 33-secs — YIKES!!!)  because I wasn’t able to compress it into anything that looked good.  Since I ran out of time, I didn’t have a chance to play with how I imported the photos (they imported into the Flash Editor as bitmaps 😦  ).   Anyhow, here’s the best I could do by encoding to AVI.

Swamp Tour Movie

I like the outcome of this little slide show.  If I didn’t have duration limitations, I would have held the photos still for longer.  I also had some more atmosphere photos that I would have liked to have included.  Hopefully I will be forgiven for going 3-secs over the time limit.

It would be nice to give people an easier and less expensive tool than the Adobe Flash Editor to make slide shows like this.   I think video of stills is a powerful story telling method.  I wonder what music would have gone well with this.  Any suggestions?  I think after working some more with compression, adding music would be a nice touch.

The next assignment is an interactive Flash webpage.  The assignment is due in two-weeks.  Look forward to it :).


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