Comparison Shopping with an iPhone

I have found that my iPhone comes in handy when shopping. My husband and I went out to look at shelving options for our pantry.   Steve for some reason had it in his head that wire racks were the way to go.  We also looked at some ceiling fans to replace the dead one in our bedroom.  Instead of writing down the information and trying to remember what everything looked like, I took pictures of the items that we found interesting.  As we went from store to store we whipped out the iPhone to look at the things we had already seen and to see the prices of the items too.  It made things quite easy.  I have tried this before with my other cellphone, but the screen was too small to be useful.  The iPhone screen is quite large, and UI makes if very easy to go from picture to picture and browse.

In the end, we decided reshelving the pantry and replacing the ceiling fan were not necessary expenses.  But we do have a record of what we were thinking such that when our situation improves, we can act.


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