The End of Kodakchrome

Here’s an interesting article from CNN on the end of the “Kodakchrome” era.  I was under the impression that Kodak had stopped making film some years ago, so it makes me wonder, since they are being secretive about when they run the film, whether Kodak has stopped production and the film that photographers are still buying is the last of a big stock pile from the final run.  This article says nothing about people who develop film in their own labs.  Anyhow, time passes and technology changes.  It’s interesting to hear people talk romantically about film photography.  The thing that piqued my interest, though, was the color stability aspect of the film for archiving and for documenting disease and research.   Recreating that ability sounds like an opportunity for high-end digital imaging — both image capture and image processing.  I imagine things get goofy recreating color and displaying the proper contrast from output device to output device — this includes both electronic displays and printing.   And then there’s recreating the lighting … sigh …


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