MySpace on the Decline while Facebook Continues to Grow

Here’s a link to a little article about it.  Haha!!! I’m not surprised since I hadn’t heard or even thought about MySpace in months (maybe even years).  The same will be happening to Facebook, too, soon enough.  I had some relatives and friends who signed up for Facebook who say that it’s too much trouble to deal with Facebook.  Here’s are the complaints I’ve heard:

1.  I receive nothing but “Friend spam” — they end up feeling that Facebook is a scam because of this

2.  I don’t have enough time to have an online life so my page is empty and I don’t use the services

3.  My friends and family don’t use Facebook or they refuse to use Facebook, so there’s no point.

4.  I can’t keep away from my parents or adults who try to Friend me.

5.  “Jailbait” keeps trying to friend me.

I guess, when I look at the numbers, I take the huge numbers with a grain of salt.  I think the more interesting numbers would be to see a breakdown of activity — how many users get on more than once a day, once a day, once a week, once a month, or have basically idle accounts.  Yeah, Facebook may boast 276-million accounts, but how many of those accounts are active?

As for me, I’m a LinkedIn person.  The things I like about LinkedIn are:   I don’t have to worry about “children” friending me and the service has established a professional tone.   Because it’s professional tone I don’t have to worry about being exposed to explicit images, explicit language, explicit gossip, and defamation.  I can keep track of the people I care about on a very comfortable level for me.

Twitter, well, the verdict still out on that for me.  Most of the messages I have received about people wanting to follow me are spammers or Jailbait.  I’ve blocked nearly everyone who’s tried to follow me and I contacted Twitter customer service about the Jailbait.  Sadly enough, that leaves me with two followers ;p.  Haha!!!  But I’m cool with that :).


3 thoughts on “MySpace on the Decline while Facebook Continues to Grow”

  1. Hmm my experience with facebook I have never got a friend request from anyone that I don’t know. Often facebook, with permission, will search friend lists from other sites you may have to find potential friends so this is probably where the spaming comes from. They probably have people who are their friends on other sites that they may not want.

    And ultimately facebook is a social networking site, so if people don’t participate on anything online, quite frankly it doesn’t make sense to join up a social networking site anywhere.

  2. You received “friend spam” on facebook? That’s strange I’ve been on facebook for years and have never receieved a friend request from someone I didn’t know. Myspace on the other hand is notorious for friend whores. Surely you are mistaken.

  3. I’m not on Facebook (I’ve got enough going on with my blogs, Twitter, and my websites). I have relatives who tried Facebook and promptly quit after receiving spam friend requests. When MySpace first started getting popular a few years back, my little brother showed us his account and it was full friend spam and unsavory people doing scary things.

    I understand there are ways to lock down Facebook accounts to keep random people from “friending” you. I imagine, though, like Twitter, it gets tiresome receiving friend/follow requests from random people or organizations.

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