2009 Expected to be a Good Year for Smartphones

At least somebody has something to look forward to this year.  Garter expects with the new smartphones coming out of various manufacturers, sales of smartphones will jump 28% this year, despite an overall contraction of the cellphone market.  I imagine given the tight economy, people who just want a basic cellphone are sticking with the ones they have (like my parents).  However, as alternatives to the iPhone come out, it’s always nice to splurge a couple hundred dollars on yourself, even during these tough times.  I imagine, also, that as people replace their cellphones, a good many of them will be upgrading to smartphones.  With the exception of the cost of the handset, the cost of service isn’t that different and with a smartphone, customers really get a noticeable boost in the capability that makes up for the increased cost.  Here’s a link to the Washington Post article with more details.


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