“Tweetie” to Twitter on iPhone

I’ve decided to use the “Tweetie” application to Twitter on the iPhone.  The application is pretty straight forward.  You can post to multiple accounts, reviews replies, get messages, save favorites, search, see global Twitter trends, and see the Tweets of folks nearby your location.  I get a lot of joy out of looking at the trends and the Tweets of the folks near me.  As for the value of Twitter in my life … it’s the same as blogging.  I’m happily expressing myself to who ever cares.  It’s a nice way to track my thoughts and activities for the day, but so far I’m not using it as a means for “useful” communication of status.  As for following and followers — so far I follow NPR and CNN and I have two followers.  I don’t personally know my followers and that’s cool.  Others have tried to follow me, but all of them have been Twitter spammers and I’ve blocked them or Twitter has banned them before I get the chance to block them.  The spam is annoying, but anywhere there’s a crack, the scamsters will squeeze their way in.

I’m not looking forward to the time when Twitter sells our Tweets to advertisers so we can be Tweet spammed every 5-secs …. sigh …


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