Forget Manga. Here's Manhwa

Here’s an interesting article that came out of BusinessWeek.  It gives a brief overview Korean comics, or Manhwa.  Both manga and manhwa are pop culture phenomenon that are hitting the US.  A good example of its spread is at our local Borders bookstore in Carmel Mountain where manga and graphic novels now have an aisle and some encap racks dedicated vs. the shelf or two of presence 2 – 3 years ago.

Forget Manga. Here’s Manhwa

I read manhwa in print and the web from Tokyo Pop, Ice Kunion, and Netcomics.  I agree in comparison to manga and American comics, the artistic styleof manhwa is more painterly.  “100% Perfect Girl”, “Can’t Lose You”, “Full House”, “King of Hell”, and “Couple” are some of the Manhwa I am reading or have read.  There are also some very good romantic comedy movies out of Korea recently like “200 lb of Beauty”, “Seducing Mr. Perfect”, and “100 Days with Mr. Arrogant.”  Check them out :)!


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