Halo 3 Advertising — Very Entertaining

It seems the Halo 3 machine is popping up in the most unexpected places.  This weekend I saw some weird Halo 3/NFL cross advertising that I honestly didn’t understand.  It’s a shame, because the Halo 3 machine’s other advertising is quite compelling and enjoyable to watch.  Anybody who has an XBox360 and has yet to view the various trailers and videos around Halo 3 should take the time to do so.  On the XBox360 you will learn about the legendary Master Chief John 117 and of the epic war between the humans and a horde of space aliens.  There is a particularly poignant video featuring a senior who looks and talks likes a crusty WWII vet.  With voice trembling he talks about the perilous battle with the aliens and inspirational acts of “Master Chief” in a memorial museum of the future that features a fabulous diorama. (If this diorama exists, I want to see it in person because it looks very detailed).  The making of the diorama video and the making of the game videos are also fun to watch.  From watching the video you get the sense that a lot of passion for game playing and consideration for the game players went into this project.  Seeing and listening to the actual engineers and artists experiences brings a very human touch to something that could have been swept up in the Microsoft machine. 

If you don’t have an Xbox360, check out this website to see some of the videos: http://www.bungie.net/Projects/Halo3/default.aspx  Be sure to watch some of the Red vs. Blue videos too!

As for Halo 3 in the Brister household, I pre-ordered a copy from an online retailer on Sunday.  My husband is curious, but his excitement is tempered by his belief that First Person Shooters should use a keyboard interface rather than a console controller.  Personally, I’m curious and I’m hoping the console controller will make the game more accessible to me (I’ve never been good at FPS’s).  Most importantly, though, I want to see the “Man Canon” in action :).


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