Economic Crisis Fatique

I hate to say this but I’m tired of hearing about the US/World wide economic crisis.  The whole thing has become so big that it’s become almost meaningless.  I feel like the underlying truth is the the US is bankrupt, but if that was ever admitted then this whole sham would fall leaving us with the unknown.  What blows my mind the most is that it seems the govt’s solution is to print more money — and yes, that’s what this $700-billion “loan” amounts to since there’s no new asset to back it.  And then Wall Street goes nuts about the plan one day and then after thinking about it, sags the next.  And then none of what’s proposed will help anyone who is about to lose their house.  I’m exhausted by it all.  I’m exhausted because it’s frustrating because I can’t do anything about it other than exercise my vote and hope that the next set of governement officials is smarter than the current set.

So what happen to the idea of the “Jubilee?”  You know, every 75-yrs, all debts get erased and everything gets reset.  Hahaha, of course, there’d be no point seeing as how the folks that got us into this mess (everyone) are always looking for a way to game the system … sigh … In the end, I guess this more of a social problem than a money problem.  Everyone likes the ride up, but nobody wants to pay for it in the end.  So tired … I wonder what it would be like if it all went to heck.  Strangely, enough, thinking about the idea of a Jubilee, our crisis now closely coincides with ~75-yrs since the melt-down of 1929.  Hahaha, … maybe the idea came from the natural cycles within human society.  You know, about every 75-years, the slate needs to get wiped clean because that is how long it takes for economies to expand and then go to heck due to corruption.  I’m glad the FBI is now involved.  Perhaps their presence will contain potential schemers from acting now.  $700-Billion is a big chunk of money, even if it’s just printed paper.  I’m sure various parties are thinking of ways to get their chunk of the bonanza.


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