WiHD to be Featured at CES 2009

hmm … so, supposedly WiHD is a technology that will free your living room from wires by wirelessly streaming HD content to devices within a 10-m radius of a transmitter (it won’t deal with those pesky power cords, though).  According to this article the signals can’t go through walls or metal, rather the signals will bounce off the walls and your head in every direction.  Because it is omni-directional, there won’t be any line of sight issues and there’s DRM too — sigh … well, whatever.   Oh, and they claim they can jam two HD signals from a signal transmitter for PIP and dualview (3-D and two images from the same display for gaming) Hopefully, there is some education put out there well before this goes wide so people understand what WiHD is.  I’ve seen too many things like this fail because manufacturers can’t explain the technology to consumers effectively.   Consumers are having a hard time with the analog to digital conversion and many don’t understand what it takes to have an HD household.  Sigh … the poor consumer.   Here’s a link to the article for more information.


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