GE and Tatung to make HDTV’s

GE’s random re-entry into various small appliance markets continue.  Last year it was digital cameras and a printer, and in 2009, it’s HDTV’s.  I remember GE making TV’s when I was little and then TV’s left the US for good in the late 80’s.  Anyhow, GE claims these TVs will be high-end and it looks like they are planning to use them as vehicles to pump their programming from NBC-Universal — content provider and content displayer — hahaha!

“Executives at the venture say they are working on ways for the new sets to highlight Internet content from GE’s NBC Universal unit. They haven’t explained exactly how those technologies and relationships will work.”

I guess they are making a small bet (only $15-million) on a solution play.  They better hope Americans have a nostalgic feeling towards GE TVs, because all that comes to mind to me are the cheap looking TVs from my early adolescense.  Here’s a link to the article for more information.


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