Kodak’s Sweet OLED Wireless Digital Photo Frame

Here’s some info about it from CNET-UK.  It’s too pricey from my blood, but when it comes down, this is one I will definitely check out.  I like being able to pull pictures from Flickr 🙂 so I don’t have to worry about what 2GB of stuff I want to put on the frame.  Here’s a link to the Kodak site for the frame.  It’s a super annoying noisy and CHEESE-MO Flashsite that takes a little over a minute to load over a high-speed connection each time you choose a new link to explore.  Thank goodness there’s a button in the lower right corner to shut the darned music off.  Yeeks!!!  Work on your image compression guys (or perhaps ditch the tunes)!  Long load time is not cool once you are supposedly already in the site.  A little bit of Flash can be a dangerous thing …


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