Warhammer is no Place for Peaceful People

Mr. Kuroneko003:  So, what skills does your witch hunter have?

Kuroneko003:  Shooting and cutting …

Mr. Kuroneko003:  That’s not quite what I meant …


Anyhow, I was playing my witch hunter tonight in the human land and I got to a point where the land around me is contested (just outside of Troll County’s Swamp).  In order to continue my questing I have to get through enemy territory.  I’m a peaceful one, so I really don’t feel like fighting some buffed-up bully.  But bullies being what they are, won’t let me leave my safe haven without a fight. I’m pretty sad because there was no one else in town to form a party to do the quests.  I sorta feel stuck.  (Yes, I tried to clear a path with artillery.  The baddies are good at hiding)  I guess I’ll try early in the morning when the bullies are still asleep, in class, or at work ;p.  I know this kinda doesn’t make sense because the game is called “Warhammer,” but to be honest I’m more interested in the story and doing the quest than doing combating with people who live their second lives as Orcs, little green and angry “gits”, scantily clad witches, and steroid pumped Norsemen.  Well, not quite, …, I don’t mind fighting within instances.  I think that is because fighting in an instance has nothing to do with whether I can travel to the next town.  My husband said the “good side” is filled with too many people like me who don’t want to fight with other players and run from keep to keep capturing flags.  He thinks this is why the “bad guys” are always “winning”.  “Well Duh…”  I think it would be nice to have the bad guys splinter into factions so they can fight amongst themselves and leave us peaceful questers alone.  Maybe it would be nice to have a “neutral” designation so those of us of the peaceful persuasion don’t have to fight other players in contested areas if we don’t want to.


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