Quests Resumed

I found out today, if I don’t venture in the RvR regoins of the map, then I won’t be flagged.   There is also an option to unflag yourself when you click on your character’s icon in the upper left corner of the UI.  I haven’t tried this yet though.  Anyhow, I was able to resume my questing without bullies bothering me tonight.  I also did a couple of instances and I’m getting better at player vs player.  Most of my improvement has come from getting used to moving my character with the mouse only in a mode that is like an FPS (hold down both mouse buttons to move).  Now I just choose an emeny and stay on the enemy swinging and shooting until one of us dies.  I usually die because the enemy runs back to their home base and I get pulverized by a large group of players.   But maybe 25% of the time my persistance pays off and I manage to score a kill before they make it to safety.

It seems that I have a passion for extinguishing “gits.”  You see, towards the very beginning of the game, some “git” and his/her squig decided to cross over into the human home territory on one of the beaches.  I kicked his or her behind along with the squig and continued questing — stupid git!.  A few minutes later, the “git” returned with a stronger enemy (a higher level orc) and that stronger guy kicked my behind while the git looked on — what a git!.  Since then, my brain auto targets any “gits” as kill on sight.  So, if you have given your little green guy the subtitle “git” look out for me because I’m hunting for you.


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