The Presidential Election is Saddening Me

Well it’s happened.  The Presidential campaign has taken a turn for the worse and the angry mobs that follow Gov. Palin are starting to scare me.  They may actually start terrorizing this country with threats and action.  It’s 2008 and there are people who still harbor more hate towards people they don’t know than I can imagine.  It’s too sad for this country.  I thought we had come farther along than this. I hate to say this, but I fear that Palin doesn’t not plan to be a good President for all of the people who reside within the US.  She, also, doesn’t plan on being a good world citizen.  I say “President”, because John McCain is old and it clearly shows and his campaign has totally been hi-jacked by his vice-presidential nominee.  I actually like John McCain, although I wasn’t planning on voting for him.  I hope he can rise above this and show that he, no matter what, is a decent man.  I beg him to please shut down Palin before it’s too late.   How could we let this happen?

To be honest, before this election cycle I wasn’t biased one way or another towards a party.  I always voted for the person regardless of party affiliation.  But now I don’t feel that they is a political party for me.  I’m fiscally conservative and I don’t give a rip about what goes on in other people personal lives — what is that?  A “Reblicrat”?.  Now I see that none of the politicians know how to handle money, nor manage institutions, and too many of them are wrapped around the finger of people who feel that their god is the only righteous god.  Well, I’m going to hope for the best to arise from our politicians and plan for the worse.  I love my country and I am already mad that the current administration has run us into the ground.  I just hope the next administration  doesn’t set the pieces on fire and then pee on the ashes.


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