Oh Goody, Windows 7 …

Just when you’ve gotten use to avoiding Vista, MS gives us something new to avoid … uh Vista Reborn … oh, ‘scuse me “Windows 7” … you know, because they HAVE to release a new OS every 3-yrs no matter what … This new version of Windows is supposed to be more compatible with mini-notes, netbooks, and touch interfaces.  Yay … btw guys, XP workd just fine for the minis.  I guess I should quit giving Vista a hard time.  It works great on super beefy machines :).    Anyhow, I see this going about as well as the Vista launch.  The only reason I have Vista is because my new computers came with it.  Given a choice, I would have stuck with XP because after years of patching, it was pretty stable.  Well, it should be fun watching the confusion this time next year with XP, Vista, and Windows 7 all out at the same time.  Oh, and I love the little dig about the threat from Android with respect to the netbooks.  Sigh … nice piece of Google bait to hang in front of the MS bear (btw:  bear baiting is illegal).   All MS has to do is give us a nice stripped down version of Windows and some Office Essentials (Meat, Cheese, and Bun, no lettuce, tomatoes, spread, onions, sprouts, pickles, bacon, nor a little stick to hold it all together) and it will be all good.  Anyhow, here’s a link to an article with more details about the beta launch.  (There’s got to be somebody out there who wants to try Window 7 first  — Lord knows who would want to sacrifice a perfectly good piece of hardware to this beast ???  It sounds like something to pay a medical guinea pig to do.)

Layoffs At OLPC

Leave it to profit seeking to ruin charity.  Yep, OLPC is cutting it’s staff by ~50% and lowering the salary of those that remain.  Here’s a link to an article for more details.  I suppose now that netbooks are the hottest new segment amongst paying customers in 1st world countries, you can’t just give them away anymore (okay, not give them away — but pretty close to it.)  I’d like to see OLPC push on though in terms of continuing to develop technologies that allow for computing where there is no power infrastructure, let alone a wired communication infrastructure.  In the long run, those types of devices will be good for everyone because they can be used literally anywhere.  Well, we’ll see … As a proud new owner of a netbook, I would love to have a little solar cell to power my laptop when I’m away from home 😉

Happy 2009

Let’s hope it is better than 2008. I believe it can be if we all just keep pressing forward and get on with the business at hand. There’s no shortage of things to do. So let’s get to work and put people to work so we can get happy again. I hope this time, though, people spend within their means and companies take a more long term approach to growth. I think it’s unreasonable and unsustainable to expect big established companies to have double digit growth year-over-year. To be honest, I’m very suspicious of companies that do when GDP growth doesn’t reflect that kind of growth. You have to ask where the money is coming from. Also, this kind of expectation leads people to cheat in order to make unreasonable numbers so they can get bonuses and promotions. Anyhow, I think a longer term approach will lessen volatility and lead to growth in long term careers rather than “jobs.” I also think getting back to trading good and services rather than debt and promises would be beneficial for us all :).

Learning about Leadership Through MMORPGs, Part 1

I never thought playing a video game would teach me so much about real life and myself.  Yep, you can learn about leadership, teamwork, and yourself as a leader and a team player by playing MMORPGs.  I had an encounter tonight with a player who was quite a control freak.  This person claimed to be leading 4 Warbands in an effort to lock one of the tier 4 zones in “Warhammer Online”.  He was telling players who were below level 40 to refrain from playing in contested scenarios because he or she wanted to have only his or her pre-made groups in scenarios.  I popped into a contested scenario without knowing what was going on and then was promptly asked not to queue up anymore.  My feeling was that I paid to play the game, and so I will play however I please.  This guy then proceeded to ramble on about how low level players will cause our side to lose.  I was laughing pretty hard because his pre-made parties were getting their asses handed to them in this particular scenario and I felt he needed all the help he could get.  Continue reading Learning about Leadership Through MMORPGs, Part 1