Gamer Stereotypes Discussed

Here’s a thoughtful editorial from BBC news that discusses gamer stereotypes.  I’m definantly one of those gamers who encloses themselves in a dark room (alienating and neglecting my husband), surrounded by food and drink, for hours (sometimes days, with little nap breaks so I don’t completely lose it — this would be known as the 2-week winter break I take around Christmas time.  I have yet to go so as far as to bring my toilet with me to the sofa, though.)  This is why I only get into games, now, a few times a year, because if I gamed as much as I wanted, my husband would starve to death, the house would become a trash pit, and I would be fired from my job due to frequent absenses.     Anyhow, enjoy this article as it discusses the matter of the myth and the truth of the asocial gamer.


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